Friday, November 28, 2008

The Reason For The Season

'Tis the season for re-posting my annual updated anti-Black Friday post.....

The malls here in Miami began decking the halls 2 months ago, and had Santa's train installed just as the last back to school sales were ending. I know it's cliche at this point to feel nostalgic for the days when the holy season of giving gently revealed itself shortly after Thanksgiving. Today, a 5am scuffle in the line outside of Best Buy on Black Friday merely marks the halfway point in the season of stress and artifice.

Again, this year, I'm committing to honoring the reason for the season - the winter solstice - and celebrating this beautiful time of year by spending quality time with the people that I love, and sharing meaningful socially-conscious gifts instead of spending time fighting the crowds, so I can check people off my list with cheap plastic crap from Walmart and iPod iPhone accessories.

Of course, this year, there will most likely be less in the way of shopping hordes, thanks to the collapse of the trickle-down economy, and that only means that every dollar you spend will have more power to bring about a better world. This season, each holiday gift that you purchase, will have an impact. Amidst all of the news of frozen credit and layoffs and golden parachutes, is the opportunity to help build our communities, bring about more peace, and protect the world around us, just by putting a little thought and a little heart into where we place our dollar power.

So, for the like minded, here are a few ideas...


World Wildlife Fund


Abundant Earth

Care2: Shop and Help the Planet

Defenders of Wildlife

The Sierra Club

The Nature Conservancy

E-House Eco-Friendly Gifts

The Jane Goodall Institute Store

Zappos Eco-Friendly and Vegetarian Shoes

Equita Essentials for Ethical Living


The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

The Human Rights Campaign Fund - Designer Tees


The United Church of Christ

Gay and Lesbian Community Center of South Florida


Persad Center

The Ali Forney Center

Immigration Equality

Outspoken Clothing

Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Margaret Cho Shop

Kathy Griffin

Ellen Shop

Ani DiFranco

Ari Gold

Outwrite Books

TLA Video

Logo Television Shop


The November Coalition

The Center For Cognitive Liberty and Ethics

The Drug Policy Alliance

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

NORML Holiday Gifts




Betty Bowers Gifts

UTNE Magazine

Syracuse Cultural Workers Gifts

American Humanist Association

Unity on the Bay

Darwin Fish Stocking Stuffers

National Public Radio Shop

The Quakers

Amnesty International Gift Shop

People for the American Way

Mother Jones



Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force

AIDS Memorial Quilt

Artists for a New South Africa

Pets are Loving Support Atlanta

Susan G. Komen Promise Shop


The Humane Society

PETA Shopping Mall

Adopt a Manatee

National Audubon Society

The Orangutan Foundation


Kenneth Treacy

Eric Chismar Photography

The Matress Factory

The Warhol Museum

Clyde Butcher Photography

Carnegie Museum of Art

Salvador Dali Museum


Betty Bowers


Tools for Change Holiday Cards

Recycled Cards That Grow

Have a Peaceful, Stress-Free and Meaningful Holiday!


goat said...

Great blog! Glad I stumbled onto it. The solstice is my favorite holiday. Just to know that the days will start to get longer/warmer again helps me get through the rest of winter.

Joe Mitchell said...

Are there any progressive causes that sell crocs?