Monday, December 10, 2007

Maybe It's a Hanukkah Bush?

I was privy this weekend to a particularly academic conversation between two 40-something female Christmas consumers, in the Christmas tree section of Target.

Shopper # 1 - "How about these ornaments and lights for the tree?"

Shopper # 2 - "Um blue lights and stuff? No. I don't want my Christmas tree to look Jewish."

Shopper # 1 - (not in a sarcastic tone) "I don't think Jewish people put up Christmas trees."

Shopper # 2 - "Well I don't care if they do, or don't. I just don't want mine to look Jewish!"

And this was in multi-cultural Miami. What hope have we for South Carolina?


ouuga ouuga said...

oh my god! had I known you were standing behind me I would have said hi... you should have tapped me on the shoulder or something.

Lauren J said...

Part of my wants to laugh, the other part wants to reach out and hit someone.

Glad I wasn't there. I might have said something I would regret instantly.

Frankie said...

I opted for the "Leather Community" tree. You know, everything black, blue, silver, chained, and clamped.

Topped the tree with a teddy bear wearing a naughty leather bikini.

It's nice to look at, but dangerous to light up.