Sunday, December 16, 2007

Acid House Flashback # 2

"Jack Your Body" - J.M. Silk - 1987


Cyrus said...

"Jack Your Body" was one of the first acid house songs that I discovered, and the first to top the U.K. singles chart. Created by Steve "Silk" Hurley (who sometimes went by the name of J.M. Silk), "Jack Your Body" hit number one in the U.K. in January of 1987 and let everyone know that this new music from the Chicago underground was about to go global.

Joe said...

Honestly, I don't remember this version. Obviously, it's the original...but there were like 12398329653423 house songs with "Jack your body" as part of the lyrics. I do remember the beat, but a more produced sounding version of it.

Anyhow, it took me back to Zacks for some reason. I miss Zacks.