Friday, August 19, 2005

To: Cindy in Crawford

Dear Cindy,

I just wanted to let you know that it’s working. We can feel your pain, and they are afraid. They’ve done everything in their power, to camouflage the painful reality of their misdeeds and miscalculations. They banned media coverage of dead sons and daughters coming home, so as not to upset a public already immersed in runaway brides and missing white, middle-class co-eds in Aruba. They are afraid that we will see the truth in a flag-draped coffin. They arrogantly refuse to meet with you, and the world, to explain where the weapons of mass destruction are, where Osama bin Laden is or where America’s dignity is as Halliburton profits in death. They won’t meet with you because they are afraid. They are afraid that we will see the grief, anger and goodness in the heart of a woman who lost her child for nothing. They are afraid of a woman who has nothing left to lose.

The evening before last, I joined over a hundred others in candlelit solidarity with you, Cindy. Over 1000 similar gatherings happened all across the nation. Millions of us wish we could take away your pain, and millions of us are encouraged by your bravery and determination to stand alongside a road in Texas, and demand accountability from the most powerful man in the world. Millions of us are waking up, with terrible resolve, and they know it. And they are afraid.

With much love,



VegasGustan said...

'Nuff said, man. 'Nuff said.


Jackie said...

Amen, dude. Yes.

Van said...

Great Letter, Cyrus. Keep up the noise.