Friday, August 26, 2005

The Day After

Thursday, 10:18 am. – The boss is in the Dominican Republic, so Cyrus is basking in passive-aggressive tardiness to work (for the third time this week). Jody calls to see if Cyrus is actually going to work because of the newly-formed minimal hurricane heading towards Palm Beach that might cause some gusty breezes and light flooding in Miami. Wise Cyrus declares that “these people are always so dramatic. So we get a little rain? Who cares?”

Thursday, 2:00 pm. – Cyrus and Olga (friend and co-worker) decide to stop making business oriented phone calls, because everyone seems to have closed up shop. Melodramatic realtors. Cyrus and Olga volley lunch ideas. Steve’s Pizza? Ethiopian? Indian? Okay, Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet it is. The sky is all swirly and sheets of rain batter the restaurant while Cyrus and Olga laugh at how stupid everyone is when it comes to sub-tropical weather patterns.

Thursday, 4:37 pm. – Bzhoooom. The power goes out at the office. Both Cyrus and Olga note the violent chop in the bay and the powerful gusts that make driving across the causeway back to our barrier island apartments slightly challenging. Hmm.

Thursday, 6:00 pm. – Cyrus has no trouble finding parking. It’s a little creepy. Cyrus heads to Ocean Drive where Cyrus’ boyfriend Rodrigo works to check in and give him a rain poncho to walk home in. There is some laughter, at Mariah’s expense, about how upset she must be that her pre-MTV video music awards glitter yacht party had to be moved to an undisclosed location because of the weather. Then, Cyrus heads home.

Thursday, 6:15 pm. – Looking like an Anderson Cooper exclusive, Cyrus dodges flying objects and pelting rain as he makes his way home. He starts to wonder if he has underestimated this weather event, just a little.

Thursday, 10:00 pm. – Olga, Brandie, Rodrigo and Cyrus are hunkered down with board games and popcorn. Some crazy shit is going down outside. Cyrus’ friend Stimpy in Atlanta is a total natural disaster enthusiast and calls intermittently with updates, because of course, there is no internet access or television. He lets Cyrus and company know that they’ve got several more hours of 80 mph winds and that a new expressway extension has collapsed. Cyrus and Olga have slight scuffle over who is the bigger dumbass.

Friday, 1:30 am. – Olga, Rodrigo and Cyrus venture outside to see if everything’s still there. Almost all the roads are blocked with toppled trees and street signs. A huge banyan tree has been literally blown apart with its branches strewn up and down 14th Street. Olga notices a lone mourning dove sitting quietly in a clump of banyan branch in the middle of the street. They move the branch to the sidewalk with the dove intact. The group celebrates their animal rescue ant then tries to walk onto the beach to see what the ocean looks like, but are unable as they receive the most thorough, and agonizing beach sand exfoliant ever. The wind shreds their rain ponchos to bits as they scamper back across downed palm trees, flying newspaper boxes and miscellaneous missiles.

Friday 2:00 am. – Nearly home, they see a glowing light behind an apartment building and hear a noise that, together with the visual display, indicates that either a UFO has landed in the Art Deco district, or a huge transformer is blowing up on top of a neighbor’s building. They decide it’s probably best to get out of the standing water and battering rain while the power lines are coming down.

Friday 1:00 pm. – Cyrus walks around snapping some shots as the ‘hood as cleanup crews work feverishly to make sure that Mariah, and MTV, don’t hold this against us. Photos of the destruction will be posted soon, for my disaster junky friends


Jackie said...

Dude, I'm just glad your fabulous ass is OK over there. Good job securing the lair.

Cyrus said...

Thanks kid! And, good job securing Myron!

O said...

I'm only glad that we finally came to an agreement that you are in fact the bigger of us both.