Friday, July 18, 2008

Old Skool Wham!

The economy is collapsing. The planet is dying. We're mired in two wars, with another on the way. And, Elizabeth Dole is fighting to have an AIDS relief bill named after Jesse Helms.

Sometimes, you just have to sit back and watch a pre-mainstream success Wham! video and let the worries of the world melt away.

Wham! - Bad Boys - 1982


Lauren J said...

Wake me up before the planet go gos

Cyrus said...

I certainly will.

stimpasaurus said...

I used to think Lizzy was "ok" for a republican. So much for that. I remember coming of age as a gay youth and Jesse was enemy number 1. I hope his "heaven" is spent tied to a sling in a gay bathhouse set in the late 1970s with a never ending supply of qualudes and coke.

Interesting song.... reminds me of how much I hated mainstream songs of the 80s, even if it didn't hit the big time. Oh well, it's better than anything Good Charlotte ever did.

drunkbunny said...

I... I... stammer...

Holy hell.

I can't believe her balls.

And I don't mean balls in a good way.

Shea said...

maybe he is maybe he isn't but either way he's a talented singer song writer muscian who is good looking