Friday, July 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

I'm not a microblogging Twitter-type guy, but it's been a crazy busy week for me. So here goes.

Estelle Getty and Randy Pausch both passed this week and I'm sadder than I probably should be. The world really lost two exceptional people, but I'm grateful that my era coincided with theirs.

I'm not thrilled about some of the side effects of the high cost of gasoline...rising food costs, "fuel surcharges" on everything, and the fear of financial ruin that has just about everyone spooked. But, honestly, I'm ok with $4 gas, or even $5 gas. We finally hit the point, where Americans are making real lifestyle changes. Automakers can't make hybrids fast enough, and they can't give away SUVs. Bicycle and scooter sales are through the roof, while Hummer drivers have, almost overnight, become pariahs on the road. Everyone seems to be planning their trips more to make the most of a tank, and I really am noticing significantly fewer cars on the road. And, in some ways the gas crisis has the potential of possibly slowing things down and bringing us a little closer to each other. As a totally anecdotal example, Tony, me, and our friends have been taking long group walks on the beach and the boardwalk and "just hanging out" as cheap entertainment...and it's been great. If the gas crisis causes us to give up some designer names and latest gadgets and take up spending real time with real friends...then I'm all for it.

I've got a crazy reality tv crush on Matt Cady of Fanny Pak on "America's Best Dance Crew." Just thought I'd share.

The gay blog-o-sphere had a near meltdown this week that rivals the Bear Sterns / Indymac implosions. It seems that Cooper of Cooper's Corridor wasn't Cooper at all. "He" was probably my favorite writer on these internets, and I have to admit to being a bit disappointed. And, for even more disappointing gay blogger news, Scott-O-Rama is closing his doors, and it looks like Frankie is scaling back.

This summer should've been my 20 year high school reunion, which I wouldn't even think of attending. But, in October, Tony and I will be heading to Pittsburgh, for a 20 year reunion of our gay youth group, Growing Alternative Youth. I cannot wait to see the "old" gang again.

Finally, this pic of Betty on the ferry to Fire Island, snapped by the adoring paparrazzi. After all these years, she's still feeh-irce and I fucking love huh.


Frankie said...

Hi Pookie,

It's just become...too much. For lack of a better phrase. I use Twitter and the like several times a day, I'm working crazy hours, and truth be told, I'm tired of writing entries about ignorant patrons on the bus and the latest hot spot in town.

I'm saving my writing for a book. Or really long essay about being forty, fabulous, and committed to a man half my age.

I don't expect it to be a best seller, but if I can incorporate some real life experiences (I think you were with me when I met a certain lead singer of a popular Pittsburgh Garage band...and then became one of his love slaves for years after) with some witty banter, least my family and friends will buy a copy.

I embrace the change. I welcome the next phase of my online life.

See you in October?

Lauren J said...

I don't twitter - haven't figured out a benefit to it.

Your reunion sounds like a great opportunity - can't wait to hear all about it!

Cyrus said...

Frankie: Ok. I suppose I'll just have to live with it. As long as you're still around in some fashion (of course, if fashion is around, then I'm certain you'll be there).

Lauren: I am certain to have stories and stories. You have NO idea how much drama and fun was had in those days. I'm hoping Tony will survive meeting all of these characters (the above Frankie being one of them).