Wednesday, April 09, 2008

From My Cold Dead Hands

A couple of years ago, when my forward-thinking state of Florida passed the "Shoot First" law the NRA folks cheered and, no doubt, guzzled more than a few beers in celebration. This new law allows us Floridians to shoot each other, and of course YOU should you come to visit, if we feel that our property might be endangered. If someone in Florida tries to steal my car, I have the right to kill him or her on the spot.

And today, thanks to pressure from the uber-powerful NRA, the Florida Senate passed a new bill that allows us Floridians to take our guns to work. Sure, we have to keep them locked in our cars, but we can no longer be told by business owners that we can't have guns on THEIR private property.

I'm just wondering...when an employee comes back from lunch with the gun from the glove compartment and shoots and kills all of middle-management...will the business owner be liable because the gun was stored and used on her property?

Way to go Flor-ee-duh.


Joe said...

Does this have anything to with the fact that Florida looks like a limp penis?

Lauren J said...

Yikes. Cross Florida off list of places I want to live & visit.

familyman said...

Wow...So now is Atlanta looking even better?

Miss T. Crane-Neeham said...

Can visitors bring guns?

Valerie - Still Riding said...
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