Friday, August 31, 2007

The Hypocrisy Continues

Let's See...

Traditional Family Values Case # 1 - In September of last year, Florida Republican Senator Mark Foley immediately resigned his position as the public was made aware of a sexually explicit instant messaging conversation between the Senator and an underage male Congressional page. Ironically, much of Mark Foley's political career had been built on fighting child pornography and the sexual exploitation of minors. Conservatives joined Democrats in a call for further investigation, and possible criminal charges against the Gay chicken hawk former Senator.

Traditional Family Values Case # 2 - In November of 2006, Mike Jones went public with the news that vehemently anti-gay born-again evangelist preacher Ted Haggard had paid him for dirty meth sex, on a near monthly basis for 3 years. Ironically, much of Ted Haggard's career had been built on waging a "culture war" against Gay people. Ted Haggard was quickly removed from his position, and shunned by his long-time conservative supporters. Ted is now completely heterosexual, but having been previously Gay....his career is now over.

Traditional Family Values Case # 3 - This past July, Senator David Vitter's name was released as a client of a Washington D.C. house of prostitution. The Louisiana Senator admitted to having broken the law and paying for extra-marital sex in the past, and let the world know that God, and his wife have both forgiven him. Ironically, much of David Vitter's political career was built on his traditional family values fight to stop Gay people from having equal marriage rights. Senator David Vitter was NOT removed from office, or even shunned by his Republican base. In fact, good ole' hooker-hiring Louisiana boy David Vitter received a loud round of applause at a recent Senate Republican luncheon.

Traditional Family Values Case # 4 - Senator Larry Craig's name has been all over every television, radio and internet outlet ( including the well-received Lair of the Okapi ) as dirty Republican Senator of the week. As we all know by now, tap-dancing Larry Craig pleaded guilty a few months ago, after an arrest for soliciting sex from another man in a public restroom. Ironically, Senator Craig's political "stances" have always been particularly anti-gay. Most certainly, Senator Craig is going to be forced out of office, if he hasn't been yet ( I'm still waiting to hear the breaking news ). Fellow Republicans are calling for the most severe consequences possible for the tearoom troll.

Is it me? Or is there something even more wrong here? Mark Foley, gay, removed, ruined. Ted Haggard, gay, removed, ruined. Larry Craig, gay, removed, ruined. David Vitter, straight, applauded, possibly re-elected.


Tony W said...

Gay and you can't play! Sounds like hate to me. Did Jesus hate?

Jason said...

I took a somewhat odd stance in this whole Larry Craig debacle. He is obviously a very confused person, having to hide his homosexual urges within the confines of his white picket fence. I personally feel sorry for someone who has had to act out against and live at odds with his true nature.