Friday, September 25, 2009

Acid House Flashback # 14

"Oochy Koochy" - Baby Ford - 1988

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Cyrus said...

In the mid '80s, Englishman Peter Ford discovered the acid house music that was being produced in Chicago by Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson and Chip E. Soon after, he was known as Baby Ford, and he became one of the founders of the English acid house scene, which grew quickly into the massive English rave scene.

In 1988, Baby Ford released "Ford Trax" - his first album (and one of the first and only acid house albums). "Oochy Koochy" and "Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh" were two of the most important tracks on the album.

It may sound a little cheesy now, but "Oochy Koochy" was a real anthem of the acid house movement. It united the acid house sounds of Chicago, Manchester, and Ibiza and it was without a doubt one of the tracks that laid the foundation for the global house scene.