Sunday, March 22, 2009

Acid House Flashback # 12

"Respect" - Adeva - 1989


Cyrus said...

It takes just a glimpse of the video for "Respect" to know how Patricia Daniels from Paterson, New Jersey, became known as Adeva. She is very seriously respected in the house music community as one of the people who helped keep the soul of house alive in it's transition from the acid house underground to the global dance floor.

"Respect" hit # 17 in the UK in 1989, and # 21 on the US dance charts. She had a string of house hits in the UK through the mid to late 1990s, and her strong voice has been sampled about a bazillion times by other house music makers.

Patricia Daniels currently teaches middle school in North Carolina. Let's hope she's teaching those children to be half as fierce as she is.

Stimpy Stu said...

hmmm...I don;t remember this song, but I know I would have loved it!