Saturday, June 14, 2008

No, Really?

I really try not to utter the name of, or even make reference to, that unmentionable evil. But, sometimes you have to stand the fuck up, look evil right in it's beady little red glowing eyes and say "really Fox News? Really?"

A little history...Australian bazillionaire, Keith Rupert Murdoch, became a U.S. citizen in 1985, simply to satisfy the legal requirement that only citizens of the United States can own American television stations. Murdoch's demon creation, Faux News, rose to power in the late 1990s, and really took off when war became the new dot-com investment. Faux News built an empire by tapping into, and promoting, the xenophobic, racist, homophobic, paranoid fantasies of the undereducated, the greedy, the bitter, and the downright mean. It was a market just waiting to be exploited.

But here we are, at the end of the neo-con era, and Faux News has found itself still cheerleading for an administration that has lied to and deceived the American public, bankrupted our nation, neglected our infrastructure, lost an unwinnable war, destroyed our standing in the world, and abandoned the Constitution in favor or wiretaps and waterboards. Sure,there are still a few idiots who think that it was all worth it to stop gay marriage, but they are getting fewer by the minute.

Now, Faux's ratings are dropping. Bill O'Reilly is down. Sean Hannity is way off, and it seems even the hardcore wingnuts can't stand the whiny, and oh-so-attractive, morning fucks on "Fox and Friends". The shows are stale. The graphics are beat and the hosts are all just tired.

The pressure is on, and the desperation is showing. And, it ain't pretty. Just when the right wing needs every moderate voter they can scare into voting for McBush, Faux finds itself having to apologize, near daily, for pathetic and outrageously racist "slips" of the typed headline and tongue.

Honestly, Faux's wretched state and reckless lashing out will only spiral. The more that Obama kicks John McCain's ass in debates on Iraq and townhall meetings about the economy, the more ridiculous the tantrums will become.

And, finally, we will be able to put this Dark Age behind us.


drunkbunny said...

I could only watch the first 36 seconds of that video. Ugh.

Dann said...

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