Thursday, January 24, 2008

Redding Up The Lair

Tomorrow will be the 3 year anniversary of the Lair of the Okapi. Before I created the Lair, I thought blogs were just the very public personal diaries of the dramatic and self-important. Then, my little lamb started The 9th Circle, and I found myself coming back again and again - mainly just to keep up with her new life in New York. She's great at really getting her voice into her writing, and I could just hear her in every snarky "viewer mail" post and every scathing observation on public transportation. It somehow made her seem not so far away.

So, just out of curiosity, I started the Lair. I knew that I didn’t want to do a daily diary type blog, and I didn’t want to do a specifically themed thing. I thought it would be less obligating, and more my style, to think of my blog as more of an online scrapbook for ideas, pictures, stories and stuff. I started to read other blogs from The 9th Circle blogroll, and found myself “getting to know” a few bloggers – Jackie, Hof, Van, Vegas, Dan and Moo. Over time, each and every one of my original blog-friend circle closed up shop, and I miss reading them more than I probably should.

The Lair certainly hasn't been the most prolific, or beautifully written or the most influential blog out here...but apparently, it scores pretty high on longevity. I guess my attention span isn't quite as short as I thought.

At any rate, in honor of this illustrious occasion (and in reference to my recent post about Pittsburghese) I'm redding up the Lair. I'll be cleaning up, adding to, deleting and rearranging my links and blogroll. I'm on an active search for new blogs to lurk on, and new sites to investigate, so if you have any suggestions...I'll be here. Probably for quite a while.


Lauren J said...

Happy anniversary!

Cyrus said...

Aww. You remembered. : )

Partly Cloudy said...

I stumbled upon your blog today by Web-hopping. I'm glad I decided to stop and look.

I went to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC almost two years ago, and I fell in love with the okapi. I've never heard anyone speak of it.

Congratulations on your anniversary.

I'm here:

familyman said...

Happy Anniversary! I think I've been stalking you here for about a year now. Wow time flies. It's a great scrap book.

I love how a blog like yours brings people from all over just a little bit closer. Among other things you've turned be onto some music that I never would have found otherwise.

Cyrus said...

Partly: Welcome to the Lair, and thanks for the comment. Very, very few people ever do speak of okapis.

FM: Thanks for the kind words...honestly, for as much as I admire your blogging and perspective, it does mean a lot to me.