Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Acid House Flashback # 1

"Voodoo Ray" - A Guy Called Gerald - 1988


Joe said...

Thanks for taking me back in time, Cyrus. Definitely a classic! I think it was the first acid house track I ever heard. Curious as to why you posted it with no commentary.

Do you remember the "Blossom" hats with the big flowers on front that all the gals used to wear?

Cyrus said...

Hi Joe!

I think "Acid House Flashback" is going to be a new regular installment here at the Lair. For those that were there, it's nice to take a trip back, and for those that weren't, it's time that you was learned.

So, here's the missing commentary...

"Voodoo Ray" is an absolute landmark in dance music history. It was the track that probably most sealed the marriage between the Chicago house scene and the new burgeoning, ecstasy-fueled English Madchester scene. Nearly 20 years old, "Voodoo Ray" still stands as a brilliant work of electronic art with vocal samples from an entheogenic phantom calling from a deep-space nebula -and wearing a "Blossom" hat.