Sunday, October 08, 2006

Where Was The Outrage?

Thankfully, it looks like the Republicans may finally pushed it too far. The American masses are shocked and angry at, now former, Congressman Foley's stunningly inappropriate online conversations now known as the Foley Scandal. Even die-hard Repubs are looking squeamishly towards the mid-term elections, because they know that Dennis Hastert, among many other Republican leaders, has been covering up Mr. Foley's history of chicken hawk behavior.

Americans are outraged. Soccer moms are outraged. The Christians are outraged. Political independents are outraged.
Bush is disgusted. Upper middle managers are outraged. CNN anchors are outraged. Country music fans are outraged. Democrats are outraged (and more than a little giddy). Senior citizens are outraged. Thanks to, what White House press secretary Tony Snow, referred to a just some naughty e-mails, it looks like the Republican reich is about to be hit hard in November.

I certainly agree that Mr. Foley's behavior was inappropriate, unacceptable and creepy at best. I am so happy to finally see something sticking to these Republican hypocrites. But I have to wonder where the fuck has America's outrage been for the last 5 years?

Where the fuck was the outrage when Bush adminstration squandered our opportunity to find Osama bin Laden by focusing attention on Sadaam's weapons of mass destruction?

Where the fuck was the outrage when Bush arrogantly defied nearly every nation in the world, and invaded Iraq on the premise that the Iraqi people would welcome us with open arms, the Iraqi oil supplies would fund rebuilding and weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda would be found and eliminated?

Seriously, where the fuck was the outrage when all of the above turned out to be a calculated lie?

Where the fuck was the outrage when it became clear that tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed since we began our occupation of their country?

Where the fuck was the outrage when he stood on the battleship well over 3 years ago and announced "mission accomplished?"

Where the fuck was the outrage when it became clear that we squandered our opportunity to work with allies to rebuild a Taliban-free Afghanistan and show the world the greatness of America?

Where the fuck was the outrage when it became clear that we have lost the respect of the entire world, because of the conservatives' need to beat others into submission, as opposed to leading by example?

Where the fuck was the outrage when the vice-president's former company, Halliburton, got handed billions of taxpayers dollars in no-bid contracts to "rebuild" Iraq?

Where the fuck was the outrage when our leaders used fear to pass the Patriot Act, twice, effectively taking whole pieces of the Constitution - ripping them up and throwing them away?

Where the fuck was the outrage when images of condoned sadistic abuses of prisoners in Abu Ghraib flashed across nightly news reports all over the world?

Where the fuck was the outrage when our entire government abandoned an entire class of people in a major American city - leaving them for dead?

Where the fuck was the outrage when 2 weeks ago, our leaders approved the Military Commissions Act, which allows the goverment to secretly detain and torture anyone that might be a subversive or a terrorist, and effectively took what was left of the Constitution after the Patriot Acts and held it up to the American public and set it on fire?

Where the fuck was the outrage when Karl Rove and Dick Cheney violated the Intelligence Identities Protection Act and "leaked" the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame to the press to get even with her and her husband for criticism of the administation?

Where the fuck was the outrage when "voting irregularities" surfaced AGAIN in 2004?

Where the fuck was the outrage when Republicans used American's fears of gay marriage to divert attention away from their war of terror?

Where the fuck was the outrage when the cost of the War on Iraq to taxpayers topped $332 BILLION?

Where the fuck was the outrage when we were told that we can't afford social security, universal health care or decent schools for the next generation, but we can afford $332,000,000,000 (and counting) on a pointless war?

Where the fuck was the outrage when the news media were banned from showing the coffins of dead men and women, draped with American flags, returning from the Middle East?

Where the fuck was the outrage when the number of Americans killed in Iraq topped the number of people killed in the September 11th attacks?

Where the fuck was the outrage when Bush and Congress approved yet more tax cuts - for the wealthy?

Where the fuck was the outrage when it was shown that the administration had ignored the Constitution again, and illegally wiretapped Americans phones and computers?

Where the fuck was the outrage over the past 6 years as Republicans so deliberately and so publicly, with the help of the media, destroyed so much of what made America great?

But, now, once again, America is outraged, and more than a little titillated by a sex scandal. Where the fuck are the priorities of the American people? Sometimes, I just feel like we've gotten what we deserve.


Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I have been mad about all those things and more, thank you for putting right up front!

Wayne said...

After serving in Iraq I will say that there have and continue to be mistakes made. However, in light of yet more evidence showing the advanced state of Saddam's nuclear program, it would appear that the President actually does know what he's doing. I would agree that the timing of going into Iraq wasn't the best, but after serving, as I said; the Iraqi people are worth it, and now is definitely not the time to cave in to the enemies of our country. We either fight them there, or they attack us here.
You might want to add, were is the outrage when the Democrat Party would rather criticize rather than lend a hand. Where's the outrage, when the American people would prefer to retreat and deser the innocent Iraqi people again. Where's the outrage, when one man is demonized for protecting our Nation. Where's the outrage for the Democrat Party, who's only plan to protect our country is to vote for them? But that's just me.

Cyrus said...

Wayne - thanks for visiting. You'll have to enlighten me as to the mounting evidence indicating that pre-invasion Iraq had an advanced nuclear program. And, honestly, even if Sadaam had had a nuclear warhead pointed directly at Cleveland, George W would still be a complete fucking moron. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

As far as the Iraqi people being worth an invasion and foreign occupation...we have killed TENS OF THOUSANDS of them. We have raped their children, imprisoned and tortured them, destroyed their cities, turned their land into a breeding ground for terrorists and sold their country to Halliburton. Are the Cuban people as worthy? How about the Saudis? Maybe the people under dictator Mugabe in Zimbabwe need our help too? Maybe if Mugabe threatens George W's daddy. They have diamonds after all, and that could pay for the war!

In regards to the slogan "we fight them there, or they attack us here"...our nation's enemies are here! And it's time we stood up and fought them. They're trying to dismantle our freedoms in the name of hating and fearing "the enemy." And they're obsessed with gay marriage and stem cells. They keep talking about America's enemies while they ignore the fact that for more than 5 years they've been unable to find the one man that did attack our country.

The Democratic Party doesn't want to lend a hand, because a few of them actually have enough moral fiber to oppose this evil adminstration. King George hasn't protected our nation. He's done nothing but create terrorists out of every surviving family member of a dead Iraqi! Why can't you see that?!?!? The Democrats probably don't have a great plan. This war can't be fixed. There is no great plan. The great plan would've been to not lie and deceive and invade in the first place.

I'll take the Democrats lack of a plan, over the Republicans insidious plan to hand the world over to a handful of their richest donors any day.